My name is Avery Sage Albert and I am a senior in apparel design at the Rhode Island School of Design. Originally from Los Angeles, I attended private schools with an emphasis on the arts, collaboration and independent thinking. My journey began with representational illustration and painting, although I found it rather stifling and desired to break from the confines and rigidity and express more openly and abstractly. I found this freedom within abstract painting, a process that allowed me to be emotional and thoughtful, spontaneous and daring. I fell for it deeply and upon entering RISD, I was under the impression that I would be studying painting for the next four years. However,I  took a leap of faith my freshman year and enrolled in a short, introduction to apparel course. Everything changed after that, I declared my major as apparel and prepared for the next four years of my college career in a field that I had never intended to study, but realized I always wanted and needed to.  


I have been studying apparel intensively for four years now, my current year focused on developing my senior thesis collection. I have studied cut and sew, knitwear, tailoring and design development. As someone once inspired by the potential of a blank canvas, I've shifted my focus. My canvas is now a body, the medium is fabric. My work mimics the techniques and emotions involved in creating an abstract painting by way of draping, sculpting and spontaneous, passionate design.

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 Avery Sage in Collection 2018, photo by KayCee Tarricone

Avery Sage in Collection 2018, photo by KayCee Tarricone